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Colour me Vespa

I have had the opportunity to ride on a Vespa only once in my life time. This occurrence took place during a summer holiday in Italy at the age of 16. My cousin’s friends zoomed about in Vespas all day and one particular evening I was invited to partake in the fun. I was not the driver but merely a passenger. The ride through the hilly roads of Punta Raisi – a summer beach town in Palermo, Sicily – was thrilling and one I never forgot.

The sight of a Vespa in my own city of Montreal always brings me back to this youthful memory. In the past month I have spotted two which have caught my attention. The reason being not the wish to ride them but, the unusual colours they possess. The colour of these babies are truly inspirational – hues I feel I could create beautiful design work with. Alone or in combination….these colours make a statement.

Perhaps one day if enticed enough by the driver of a Vespa, I will hop on and go for another ride!

Lime Vespa                                                       Plum Vespa                                           

Graphic design and colours

Graphic design and colours

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