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Name this font – Answer #2

Recently searching a typeface for the design and development of a new logo, Optima turned out to be the ideal choice. This font is elegant without appearing too formal, and as contemporary-looking now as it was years ago. I look forward to sharing with you the results of my efforts in working with Optima when I post the final product.


Optima typeface’s best distinction is it’s clarity and precision. Classified as a serif-less roman the ends of Optima’s letters (terminals) are wide. The curves and straights vary little in thickness allowing the typeface a fluid and clean appearance. This font was first designed in 1952 by type designer Hermann Zapfs. He modelled the font after classical inscriptions from an ancient Roman gravestone in Florence, Italy, at the Basilica di Santa Croce. The letters cut into the gravestone caught the type designer’s interest in that they lacked the traditional serifs. He worked on this typeface for two years (1950-52) creating a font true to its Roman heritage. 


Estee Lauder LogoExpo 67 Logo  DESIGN DEBUT: 1952 (-55)

  OPTIMAL FIT: Classic ideals and current trends

  BEST DESIGN USE: Logos, packaging.               Applying it as a text font is debatable but               achievable. Optima Nova (Optima revisited in       2002) works well in web design

  DISTINCTIVE FEATURE: A subtle widening at the terminal producing a suggestion of     a glyphic serif

SPOTTED IN: The National September 11 Memorial and Museum, used for the names of those who lost their lives in the September 11 attacks, carved into bronze parapets, Estée Lauder‘s official typeface, Expo 67 logo

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